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Gardner Denver Refrigeration Dryers

High quality compressed air

GDD-series Non-Cycling Refrigeration Dryers

Energy efficient refrigeration dryers

First-class air treatment efficiency

For Gardner Denver, quality and efficiency are just as important for compressed air treatment as they are for compressed air generation. Just like Gardner Denver compressors, the GDD-series refrigerant dryers also provide a consistently high performance with optimum efficiency for many industrial compressed air applications. They are carefully selected depending on working conditions with continuous dew point monitoring enabling reliable operation with the lowest possible pressure losses and running costs. When it comes to compressed air treatment, modern, reliable technology and compact dimensions make the GDD-Series the preferred choice for every application.


Investment protection through compressed air quality

Modern production systems and processes demand high quality compressed air, which is defined in the 6 classes outlined in international standard ISO 8573-1:2010 as illustrated in Brochure. These are only achievable with filtration, water separation and drying. Users in the food and pharmaceutical industry must adhere to stringent compressed air quality guidelines, as well as local legislation. Other industries may also follow specific advice regarding, the quality compressed air they use to ensure the protection and efficiency of process equipment and finished product.

GD Dryer

Impressive return on investment and operational reliability

 The use of clean dry compressed air ensures high levels of reliability, guarantees that quality standards are met, and can reduce production costs. Gardner Denver offer a range of solutions for drying utilising modern cooling technology.

GDD4F – GDD43F  Air flow rate from 0.42 m³/min to 4.33 m³/min

GDD50F – GDD80F Air flow rate from 5.00 m³/min to 8.00 m³/min

GDD100F – GDD160F Air flow rate from 10.00 m³/min to 15.83 m³/min

GDD216F – GDD375F Air flow rate from 21.67 m³/min to 37.50 m³/min

GDD450F – GDD1920F Air flow rate from 45.00 m³/min to 191.67 m³/min

Save energy with refrigerant dryers

Operators primarily focus on compressed air quality and purchase cost. Differences in the operating costs of refrigerant dryers are often less likely to be considered. The Gardner Denver refrigerant dryers are characterised by their energy efficiency, which helps to reduce running costs, thanks to patented heat exchanger technology.

  • High quality heat exchanger with low pressure loss
  • Energy Saving mode ESA – shuts dryer off during low loads
  • Full feature, multi-function innovative control panel
  • Anti freeze mode – shuts dryer off to avoid icing • Low operating costs • Compact design • Alarm display with history of alarms
  • Effective condensate separation
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Simplified access to unit for easy maintenance