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Gardner Denver Industrial Screw Compressors


GDK Series of compressors incorporates world class technology and global resource to deliver some of the lowest lifetime operating costs, presenting as one of the best value compressors in the market.

GDK7-22GDK 7kw to 22kw Rotary Screw, Fixed & VSD Compressors

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Screw compressorsGDK 30kw to 75kw Rotary Screw, Fixed & VSD Compressors

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Air End

Precision manufactured using industry leading CNC and laser measurement technology the high output compression, element coupled with highly efficient bearings and seals, make the GDK series by Gardner Denver one of the most reliable and best value performers in the market.


Le-120 Intelligent Controller

The Le-120 Controller ensures safe, reliable operation. Efficiently monitoring system pressure and all critical components of your compressor. Providing a simple to use touch screen interface along with intelligent control to ensure operation is optimised to suit your compressed air needs.

  • Colour Touch Screen
  • Embedded IoT functionality
  • All-round protection for motors, maximum prevention of damage caused by short circuit, blocking, phase loss, overload, unbalance, etc.
  • Control of motor start/stop and operation
  • Anti-reversal protection for air compressor
  • Protection of temperature detection and control
  • Automatic adjustment of load rate and control of pressure balance

Advanced Design

  • Low noise levels

Allows the compressor to be placed at the point of use

  • High efficiency cooling system

Reliable operation, even in challenging environments

  • Self tensioning belt drive

Eliminate the risk of belt slip or loosening. Evenly distributing drive forces to provide balanced bearing load and belt wear. Ensuring peak performance and extending the life of the motor and air end.

Gardner Denver K37


  • Multi-level fault alarm
  • Support MODBUS RTU communication protocol, flexible choice of remote/local control
  • RS-485 communication function allows for the outputting of remote signal to the host computer
  • Multi-unit sequent control enables air compressors to operate in different combinations
  • Local or Remote control functionality

Hybrid Permanent Magnet Motor

A major feature of the hybrid permanent magnetic motor is its detachable motor stator winding, allowing it to be replaced on site. The second feature is its small size and high power, the volume is only 33% of the conventional variable frequency motor, allowing it to be directly connected with the male rotor of the air end for driving. Finally, the unique layout eliminates the use of wear parts and motor bearings in the motor.

  • High efficiency of up to 96%, while an asynchronous motor of the same power only operates with an efficiency of up to 93%. Hybrid Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Efficiency difference increases as the load decreases, and the rotor does not need to be electrically excited, resulting in small inductive resistance and high power factor.