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Gardner Denver VS 11 – 132
Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressor

The VS series from Gardner Denver is the newest generation of variable speed rotary screw compressor. The time proven ENDURO® air end ensures that maximum reliability and the highest efficiency level are incorporated into these compact packages. The VS Series utilizes a rotor profile improvement that results in the lowest specific power over the widest operating range. We have minimized energy consumption throughout the entire package to bring you the lowest possible energy cost of operation

A Gardner Denver Smart Energy Saving Solution

The modern VS Series compressor packages are the smarter solution to your complex air system needs. The AirSmart™ controller maintains a target pressure band of ±7 kPag through the entire operating range of 100%-20% of the compressor’s capacity.

The variable speed drive/motor/ compressor combination and the controller are designed to meet the varying demands of your system at the lowest possible specific power (kW/100 CFM). This feature benefits you in the form of energy cost savings. These packages have the option of an integrated refrigerated dryer that provides cool, dry air at the discharge of the package.

High Efficency, Maximum Flexibility

The integrated ENDURO® 3 air end and TEMPEST® 3 unit guarantee the most efficient air delivery with the lowest possible energy consumption. With minimal internal pressure drop due to the patented inlet valve.

Our ENDURO® air ends have been developed to be more efficient and reliable than ever. The Widest Regulation Range Superb flexibility comes as standard with the VS. With a 10- 100 % capacity range, the VS features the market’s quickest and widest response to air demand changes. Ambient temperatures from +0° to +45°C and electrical supply from 380 V to 480 V 50 Hz (± 5 %) can be accepted.

The Gardner Denver variable speed advantage

  • Up to 40 % energy savings
  • Up to 30 % savings in life cycle costs
  • Exact adjustment to air and pressure requirement
  • No need for over-pressure
  • Rapid reaction to demand changes
  • Wide capacity regulation range
  • Constant working pressure
  • Smooth start with the inverter technology

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