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Gardner Denver

FM-AS 7 – 22 Air Stations & FM 7 – 22

Screw Compressors


The FM Series continues that tradition with reliable, professional grade performance that gives you all the air you need each and every time you need it.

The FM fixed speed screw compressors are designed to meet the high requirements which the modern work environment and machine operators place on them. As a result, our belt driven FM compressors are extremely energy efficient, quiet, reliable and easy to use, ensuring long operating life and delivery of optimal air quality.
The number of special options makes the FM compressor the right choice for producing high quality compressed air for a wide range of needs.

The FM-AS includes A compressor and Refrigerant dryer, both mounted on a tank.

  • Built to the highest standard EN 87/404
  • With pre dryed high quality air, no condensate collects in the receiver



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