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Gardner Denver Enviroaire
Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressor

Industries, both large and small, rely on Gardner Denver for a supply of consistently high quality clean, oil free, ­compressed air, including automotive, aviation, petrochemical, power generation, shipping and the utilities.

In situations where compressed air comes into direct contact with the products being manufactured: for example food and drink, pharmaceuticals, electronics, petrochemicals and textiles, Gardner Denver oil free compressor have been helping clients meet their quality and production objectives for many years.

Ongoing investment in the latest design and manufacturing tools, and rigorous implementation of ISO 9001 approved quality systems, ensure you take delivery of a reliable, oil free, high quality product.

Factory performance and functional testing guarantee that your compressor will operate and perform perfectly.

No Oil – No Risk

Unlike conventional 2-stage compressors that use oil flooded gearboxes, the GD EnviroAire series is 100% oil-free with absolutely no oil present in any  part of the compressor.

  • High quality air output
  • 100% oil-free construction
  • No oil in compressor = no oil in air
  • Clean, cool oil-free air guaranteed
  • Simplicity and reliability
  • Proven single stage compression ­element
  • Simplified design with no interstage or final air ­coolers
  • Dependable direct drive system
  • Reduced component count for enhanced reliability
  • Delcos 3100 compressor controllerAdvanced Electronic Control System

The DELCOS 3100 microprocessor based compressor ­management system coupled with comprehensive ­­ instrumentation monitors and protects the compressor as well as ­   providing the operator with full status indication.

The control system has the flexibility to provide a wide range of control options such as:Remote start / stop

    • Remote load / unload
    • Auto restart after power failure
    • Remote group fault output
    • Timed pressure reduction
    • RS485 communication port
    • Timed starting and stopping

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