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Chicago Pneumatic CPA series

Tank Mounted Compressors with Integrated Dryers. 5.5 to 30kW

Chicago Pneumatic introduced the CPA Series more than a decade ago. And in this period of time a strong reputation of quality and top performance was built. But, apart from this remarkable past, the design and philosophy have evolved to match new customer needs: a beautiful allin-one, powerful and silent screw compressor. That’s what the CPA Series is!

A seamless product in terms of user friendliness, reliability and life duration, which makes this series, “the screw compressor” for tough and hard working conditions.

Product Features

User Benefits

Low noise levels

Insulation foam, deflectors and anti-vibration pads assure low noise levels.

Easy and fast maintenance

Enabled by good positioning of service items: belts, oil and filters.

Energy Saving Controller

A unique control unit, specially programmed for energy saving.

Built to last

Designed for continuous duty and very hard working conditions.

Efficient Cooling

Large air & oil coolers to withstand rough Australian Conditions.

Innovative Design

The CPA Series can be configured as an ultimate all-in-one solution that is comprised by:

    • Air receiver 270 or 500L
    • Refrigerant dryer
    • Automatic drain
    • Line filter

Forget about complex and costly installations. Simply connect the power, connect the piping and press START!

Dry Clean Air

The Chicago Pneumatic CPA provides you with dry and clean air suitable for even the most demanding applications. No moisture, solid and liquid particles that compromise or damage your pneumatic equipment.

Oversized air-oil separator

Designed to provide an ultra-low residual oil content: only 3 ppm will enter your network. The oversized air-oil separator has a large surface area to separate the oil, which also results in low pressure drop and better energy efficiency.


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